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  • Walt McDougall, illustrator of Baum's "Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz" comic page (not much Oz content here, however)
  • Bill Bryan, creator of Arrow's The Land of Oz comic book
  • Dark Oz, a graphic novel series, novel, and possible forthcoming movie
  • Oz Back Story, a series of graphic novels tied into a forthcoming stage musical adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz — [Website] [Facebook]
  • The Oz-Wonderland War comic book trilogy — [A] [B]
  • The Oz Squad comic book — [A] [B] [C] [D]
  • The OzF5 comic book ("Dorothy is back in Oz, and this time she brought a watergun.") — [A] [B (preview pages)]
  • The Royal Historian of Oz comic book [A] [B]
  • Reviews of the Friend of Dorothy comic — [A] [B]
  • Dorothy im Zauberland, an online comic book adaptation of the Russian adaptation of The Wizard of Oz (in German)
  • Into the Dust, a comic book with Oz elements set in 1960s Hollywood
  • All-Action Classics #4, a comics adaptation of The Wizard of Oz — [A] [B]
  • LitBrick tackles Oz — this is the start of a series of strips about each of the Oz books (WARNING: Some naughty language and ideas)
  • Dorothy: The Long Road Home, the forthcoming continuation of the old Illusive Arts Dorothy series — [Website] [Facebook]

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