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Welcome! This is an exciting place, because here, you can buy Oz books, books by L. Frank Baum and other Oz authors, Oz activity books, cassettes, CDs, videos, toys and games, and even computer software, all at the click of your mouse button. I've tried to give you a wide selection to choose from, in all price ranges, so there's sure to be something you like. Oz books also make great gifts for the Oz fan on your shopping list! Now that the bookshop is in wiki format, it should be much easier to update, and new items (when I find out about them) will show up here in the lobby on a regular basis.

This service is presented in association with Amazon-com-logo.gif in the United States, and its subsidiaries, Amazon-ca-logo.gif in Canada and Amazon-uk-logo.jpg in Great Britain. For out-of-print, rare, or antiquarian books, besure to check out Abe-button.gif

When books are available from another seller, the link will take you to a source of more information. These links are shown below. (Clicking on the buttons here will take you to these sites' home pages.)

Audible button.jpg, which sells audio books that you can download directly to your computer or other audio file player. If you become a member, you can get discounts and special offers.