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This FAQ only covers the main points about Oz. Much more information is available from these resources, many of which were consulted during the compilation of this FAQ. Anyone looking for more detailed information is encouraged to seek out some of these books, magazines, and videos. (Those seeking out even more resources, especially newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, should check out the bibliographies of these books, notably Hearn's Critical Heritage edition of The Wizard of Oz.) The bibliography is divided into general categories.

Introductory and general information about Oz

About the Land of Oz and its citizens

  • Berman, Ruth. Who's Who in the Borderlands of Oz. Privately published by Berman, undated.
  • Clarke, Peter B. The Index to Oz. Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends, 2002.
  • Haff, James E., and Dick Martin. Maps of Oz and the Surrounding Countries. The International Wizard of Oz Club, 1964 (with several subsequent revisions).
  • Haff, James E., with descriptions, additions, notes, and a gazeteer by Ruth Berman. Who's Who in Oz: An Appendix. Privately published by Berman, 1994.
  • Manguel, Alberto, and Gianni Guadalupi. The Dictionary of Imaginary Places (updated and expanded edition). Harcourt Brace, 1999.
  • Pattrick, Robert R. Unexplored Territory in Oz (second edition, annotations by Patrick Maund). The International Wizard of Oz Club, 1990 (the first, unannotated edition is also available).
  • Snow, Jack. Who's Who in Oz. The Reilly and Lee Co., 1954.

About L. Frank Baum and his works

Criticisms and interpretations of Baum and his works

About collecting Oz books

About The Movie

About the Ruby Slippers

  • The E! True Hollywood Story: The Trail of the Ruby Slippers. E! Television production, 2000.
  • Thomas, Rhys. The Ruby Slippers of Oz. Tale Weaver Publishing, 1989.
  • Treasure! The Search for the Ruby Slippers. A&E television/video documentary.

About the cast and crew of The Movie

(There are, of course, many other biographies of Judy Garland available, but this list would be far too long if I were to name them all.)

About other dramatic interpretations and the people involved

Art and Artists

  • Charles Santore Illustrates the Wizard of Oz. Video documentary, Sirocco Video, 1998.
  • Greene, Douglas G., and Michael Patrick Hearn. W. W. Denslow. Clarke Historical Library, 1976. (Biography of Baum's Wizard of Oz collaborator.)
  • Martin, Dick. An Oz Picture Gallery. The International Wizard of Oz Club, 1984.
  • Martin, Dick. The Oz Sketchbook. The International Wizard of Oz Club, 1986.
  • Moser, Barry. Forty-Seven Days to Oz. The International Wizard of Oz Club, 2002.

Collecting and Collectibles