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Dolls of the Patchwork Girl, Jack Pumpkinhead, and the WoozyThese handmade dolls are one-of-a-kind and custom made. This online catalog is only a small representation of what's available.

I make my dolls using various techniques, paying painstaking attention to detail of feature and costume so that the doll you receive is a lifelike, authentic representation of the character as described by the Royal Historians and Illustrators of Oz. I try to keep them to scale in the neighborhood of fifteen inches tall. Each of these dolls is individually hand modeled and therefore no two will ever be identical.

Price List

Dorothy, Toto, and ScarecrowDorothy, handmodeled face, with Toto
(Shown here with the Scarecrow)

Dorothy dolls are available in a range of sizes and types, including durable all-cloth dolls for little ones to play with, as well as hand modeled display dolls for collectors. Prices vary, please inquire.

The Tin WoodmanTin Woodman, made of silver lamé and polyfoam$35.00
Scarecrow - blue Munchkin clothes stuffed with "straw"$35.00
The ScarecrowScarecrow - with hand molded face$50.00
Cowardly Lion - "Denslowish" stuffed fur$35.00
Patchwork Girl - patchwork, yarn hair, pearl teeth, etc.
(Shown at the top of this page, on the left)
Woozy - blue leather-like skin, three-haired tail
(Shown at the top of this page, on the right)
Jack Pumpkinhead - pumpkin-shaped gourd head and stick body
(Shown at the top of this page, in the middle),
or cuddly Jack made from polyfoam and cloth
Tik-TokTik-Tok - copper lamé and polyfoam$40.00
Toto - cuddly, life-size gray fur terrier$35.00
Moretomore Dragon - orange with lavender embelishments$35.00

Glinda The Wizard of Oz

I love to make custom orders, and will make almost any character you might want. I have made many Dorothys, Glindas, and Wicked Witches, as well as Neill-style Ozmas, Wizards, and Wogglebugs. These run in the neighborhood of $45-$60. If you can find steel funnels, three inches across the wide end, I will buy them from you or make you a terrific deal on a real "tin" Tin Woodman, which I used to make many of until the supply of the proper funnels disappeared.

The Wicked Witch of the West The Witch and her Flying Monkey

Prices do not include shipping, as it varies by doll and where it's being sent to. Please inquire when ordering.

As an added sideline:

Oz banners - nylon, suitable for outdoors, 16"x24"
(Shown above behind the Wizard. Other dimensions available)

E-mail the Royal Dollmaker of Oz, Karyl Carlson, at this e-mail address to ask about these or other dolls, or to place an order.

Want to see even more? Check out www.karylsozdolls.com.

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